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Saturday, November 10, 2007

groove is in the heart.

It's been a decent week for the most part.

I'm making socks. I may have mentioned that before. Progress is being made. The parasol socks for my mother in law are well begun. The pattern is from a designer I found on Ravelry. It's very simple. The lace doesn't show up very well unless the sock is actually on, which is interesting. I'm using Opal Mosaik, in a variegated green.


Here it is stretched a bit.

Hard to tell but there's a decent looking lace pattern there.

You can't miss the lace in these.

That's the Rainbow Hedera. I finished one and the second is started.

I really could not be much more pleased with how it came out.

We went to "Handmade Arcade" today, an indie craft fair.


It was pretty amazing and very very crowded.

No matter which way we went, it felt like we were going the wrong way.

There were many interesting crafts there. Some very creative people in this area.


I wanted to get around and talk to the vendors and organizers a bit more than I did but it was very difficult due to the large crowds.


There was quite a bit of fiber art represented there. Not so much knitting or spinning or crocheting but lots of sewing. These people had amazing stationery, books, and such.

I got a terrific "world dance music" cd from the DJ there. And I met this milliner-her hats are amazing. Her website is Heads Hearts and Hands.
If you love hats, check hers out. They made me wish I could wear hats.

I was incredibly excited to see someone spinning! Then I got all bummed out because she said she'd moved out of Pittsburgh. She had some lovely soft yarn for sale.
Her website is City Spun.

These were great little plastic canvas pictures.
I loved how this photo came out. Especially the Beer Fest Parking sign above. I didn't get to talk to the artist though.

These folks had some great bags and recycled goods but I didn't get a chance to talk to them. Maybe next time.

And these were just fantastic. "BOOK" bags.
I was looking at the cosmetology one as a potential gift for my daughter the cosmetologist, but they were a tad out of my price range. Terrific concept though.

It's a good thing I didn't have money for one of these purses.
Isn't that amazing? And notice the i-pod holders made of recycled bike tires.

Then, I fell in love.



The artist's name is Jennifer Howison. Her card doesn't indicate a website, but these are just the most amazing things I've ever seen. I was completely smitten.

There was lots more. I loved the stuff that Cosette Cornelius-Bates at Knit One, Embellish Two had. She's going to be selling through Amazon soon so keep an eye out. I didn't get a photo of her stuff but it was very nice knits, quite a bit recycled, and very cleverly made. Edit-Here's her website! Cosymakes

Here's some more random photos.




And this was my favorite photo of the day.

I hope next year, they plan for bigger crowds, and have better lighting. It was very difficult to see everything and once you got to what you wanted to see, it was dark. Nice event, though.

I've been taking steps to feel better and for the most part it's working. Someone on a feminist board that I read recommended evening primrose oil for PMS and pre-menopausal symptoms and I've been taking it for about a month now. I feel much better. Mostly. I also started a very primitive exercise plan which is helping. When it's not hurting, that is. My therapist gave me homework last week to come up with something I could stick with. The plan as it stands now is take the steps at least three times a day at work, walk with Bob and the dogs at least once on the weekend and do an exercise tape on Mondays. I think I can stick with that. Here's hoping, anyway. Anything is better than nothing, until knitting becomes an aerobic activity.

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