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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lovely as a tree


This is the annual photo of the next door tree. It's spectacular. The photo doesn't really do it justice, but it does it more justice than previous photos I've taken of the same tree.

I'm moving on as best I can. Still very sad, still crying off and on, but I understand these things take time. Very reflective this past week, and it appears Melissa continues to enrich my life by forcing me to consider myself, my life, and my actions through my thoughts about her and our relationship. This is what we call "navel-gazing" and as such has no place on this blog.

I've been knitting, of course. Socks beyond reason, I've decided to finish five pair before the dread winter holiday of your choice. I have one and one half socks already finished of this goal so it's not out of range. Currently on the needles are the garish Jaywalkers (from Magknits) for my daughter Lena.

One complete of the pair. I adore this yarn, it's Regia Nationcolor #5399. Incredibly vivid colors. And I love the way the little purple toecap came out.

I'm also doing Hedera (from Knitty-see sidebar) in the same yarn for Anna. Not much progress to see yet, but it's a 60 stitch sock on size two needles, so it should go faster than the Jaywalkers, which are 84 stitch socks on size 1s.


And in the realm of complete madness, 100 stitches on size zero needles, what I'm calling "hundertwalkers", jaywalkers in the Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn.
I have fallen unreasonably in love with this yarn. I've started collecting it and am hoping to get the whole set in wool. The yarn is dyed in patterns inspired by the Austrian artist Hundertwasser and bear whimsical names like "the road to socialism" and "silver spiral". They're stunning-you can view all of them here.
PT Yarn Gallery

Needless to say those socks are for me and will probably languish on the needles quite some time while I work on other things.

I'm delighted to report that I've started on the pinwheel sweater of doomy doom again.
One sleeve down, one sleeve and edging to go.

I figured out that I hated doing the sleeves on DPNs so I changed to magic loop, much easier. I'm so glad I learned that technique. It goes faster and is much more comfortable. The size 9 DPNs were very awkward to hold and knit with.

The thought that I actually spun all that yarn is a bit overwhelming. I do hope I have enough.

Bob's been away this week. I miss him. He went to his nephew's wedding in Florida with his whole family. It sounds like it was quite an event, and he will be back tomorrow. I stayed here to watch the dogs and work, since I can't afford to take the time off and I hate to fly in any case. He took the instamatic digital camera and says he got lots of good pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

I was cleaning out the messages on the answering machine and there was one there from Melissa. Probably left about six weeks ago. I left it there, but I didn't listen to it. Her brother Michael sent me some photos that are really nice, I'm hoping he will send me more. They were very close. He's a wonderful brother.

And now I'm crying again. Dammit. Ok, enough of this, I have carpets to vacuum.

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Fresh Ground Knits said...

oh those socks are lovely! the colors are brilliant! I love the tree too, we are not getting fall colors here really. The drought is awful, so the leaves are just dying and falling off the trees.