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Saturday, December 27, 2008

No one could ever reprise

The weather here is very unseasonable. It's got to be 60 out and getting warmer. This is December 27, I checked.

As promised, photos. All the christmas photos including pictures from Hartwood Acres' light show (the ones that aren't too horrible) are in this set on flickr...

...but here are some highlights.

Biscuit is Anna's kitty overlord.


Anna's major gift was a laptop. My mother and my daughter Lena contributed to it so it was from all of us. She was quite happy.


Bob's socks fit him just fine.


That was the stealth pair. He knew about the DNA cable socks that have been pictured here multiple times. Both were total successes.

Lena got a nice pile-o-gifts including a GPS unit for her car and a new DVD player which she needed.

We had a nice visit with family both days.


On the way home christmas night, we have a tradition of driving through the light display at Hartwood Acres. Some of the photos aren't too bad.






The gifts all went over well on the crafting front, too. I loved how the washcloths and soap came out once I'd tied them up with ribbon.


Cousin Ray's scarf came out well, as did my mom's socks, finally.


Apologies for the crap photos, I was in a hurry.


Bob and I got a membership to the swim club from my mom, a gift certificate for an awesome CD store from my daughter, and money from his mom. We got a lot of other nice stuff too and the kids got totally carried away stuffing my stocking.

In new crafting, I started an Urchin hat for myself out of that dyeing nightmare Merino that I bought at Penn's Colony.


The yarn looks like ass, but when it's knit up it actually looks pretty decent. It'll be warm, which is a bonus, too. The pattern's pretty ingenious in use of short rows. I'm reserving final judgment for after I finish it completely, which should be sometime today because it's dead easy and fast with chunky handspun and big needles.

Finally got to start a pair of socks for myself again, yay, out of Schaeffer Anne, which I think is my new favorite sock yarn. It's so soft and shiny and a delight on the hands. I'm making the Go With the Flow socks from the Interweave Knits favorite sock book.


I'm obviously in my green phase. Funny how the hat and the socks are pretty much the same color.

Well, that's the promised photo dump. Hope everyone's having a fine and relaxing weekend. I'm working on it.

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