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Monday, December 01, 2008

Round them up, they're going astray


Capping off a wonderful long weekend here. Five whole days! It's the closest thing to a vacation I'll see until 2009 so I was very glad of it. I don't have a whole lot to say blogging wise that's arranged in a coherent way, but I do have knitting pictures and progress reports.

Here's a box of gift knits!

Both girls' sock pairs and two face cloths are in there.

Speaking of the face cloths-I got two out of each skein of handspun-two are cotton,and two are bamboo. I tested out the bamboo with a wee swatch to make sure it'll hold up to scrubbing and so far so good, plus it feels nice on the skin.
The bamboo is nice and shiny.

Here they all are together.

Seriously, two an evening. They were SO easy. I loved it. The pattern calls for Sugar and Cream and size seven needles. My yarn was handspun of course and a bit thicker, plus I wanted a drapier result, so I used size eight needles.

The pattern can be found here
, it's a PDF though so be warned.

Tossed the stash the other night and found this.
It's half a scarf of handspun in seafoam stitch. I'm going to work on it some more and see if my tension is consistent from two years ago when I packed it away. The yarn is pretty delicate, actually. It's from before I blogged regularly even. One ply of poofy handspun and one ply of dark green sewing thread. I'm not sure it'll stand up to frogging at this point so I might as well finish it and hope any gauge difference will diminish in blocking.

I also ripped out the DNA socks. The more I looked at the completed one, the less happy I was with how wonky it was, plus it was marginally too big, and considering all the wanking I did last week on how I didn't mind frogging when I knew I could do better, I decided to do better. So we're back to this.


I should have plenty of time to get them done, and considering one was a little too big and the other was considerably too big, I might actually end up with enough yarn this time.

Started and darn near finished garter rib socks for my mother in law.
These will probably get done tonight during Monday Night Football.

So, I'm down to reknitting the DNA socks and my Mom's socks, which are started, another pair of the entrelac socks and not enough done yet to photograph. I can do those on the bus and at work on breaks, so I'll have one traveling project, one home project, and probably enough time to make a couple of scarves if I'm lucky.

I am obviously not going to go into too much detail because stuff like this gets people into trouble in real life, but I am going to say that a work situation that was causing me a whole lot of stress has gone away. I don't know what the future will bring in terms of who my new cubemate might be, but it's not likely to be any worse than the last one, because she made my work life a living hell. So hooray for management getting that under control for me.

I'm going to close with a photo of Biscuit. Just because he was being cute.

Until next week, or sooner. Stay calm, the year's almost over.

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cosymakes said...

um... those might be the prettiest face cloths i've ever seen!!