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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Because no chance is too small

There is an urgent situation in Haiti, obviously, but this is extra urgent. Jamie and Ali McMutrie run the BRESMA orphanage in Port Au Prince. They need to get babies evacuated, as soon as possible. Just in case some person with a private jet or the resources to hire one is reading this blog-(like I said, no chance is too small) please read this.

A quote from a quick borrowed blackberry message that breaks my heart-

“Our housé is falling b two also. Adoptions stoppéd five yrs at least. We are living in yard no food water bank stores phone mostly. Only idéa is if u no anyoné important who can give réfugee status to all thé bresma u.s. kids. We trùly cant keep babys alive water contaminated. This is our only hope -
only private planes allowed. We know its cràzy but can évryone come togethér and find a person to help us like obama? Thé kids r almost américan and will have homes. We try to call all day and cant. Sending this from a strangers blackberry.”

Please spread the word. These young ladies do amazing work finding homes for children in dire need under normal circumstances. Now it's truly a life and death situation for them.

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Anonymous said...

That's truly heartbreaking. I'm trying to find something else to say, but am having a hard time--the scale of disaster is just so overwhelming.