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Monday, January 11, 2010

Four years

It's been four years today since I quit smoking. I don't have a lot to say-it's still not gone from my character but it continues to get easier. I will say that it's been a good decision overall and one I will never regret.

My crafting mojo is stuck right now. I've made several false starts over the weekend on various projects and none have taken off properly. There's a pair of boot socks showing promise. We shall see.

My co-worker's baby needs a new sweater, as all babies do, and since Cosy was kind enough to come up with such a clever pattern as the baby eggplant, the least I could do was to knit it.

This was also part of my 365 photos, but not this shot.


The weather has sucked big time the past week. Days when it has not snowed have been few and they've been bitterly cold, like yesterday and today. As pretty as it is, I've very much had enough of winter.


Saturday night was dinner with Mensans. We met at the Green Forest restaurant, just down the road from home. Meat on skewers, in large quantities, a fabulous salad/seafood bar, and dessert.


The pineapple sorbet tasted like I was sitting on the beach in Hawaii, eating a pineapple with my bare hands while the juice ran down my chin and all over my shirt. It was incredible. Worth every penny. Green Forest is a good once-a-year restaurant. Ok, maybe twice a year. Any more than that is too much. But I recommend it highly.

This is the end result of the scarf I was working on last week.

It came out disappointingly short. I still like it, but I would like it more were it much longer and squishier.

This week's 365 project photos.




Alien landscape. Rescue needed.

"Alien landscape. Rescue needed."

baby eggplants need warmth too

"Baby Eggplants need warmth too"

icicles on every damn thing

"Icicles on every damn thing"


The view from the dentist's chair

"The view from the dentist's chair". Literally. I took this after my teeth cleaning today. It's a little more scenic in the summer, but there's a lot of birds and basically nice to see instead of four sterile walls. Each chair has a bay window like that.

There will be a recipe forthcoming for potato-bacon soup. I made some on Friday when I was home for a snow day. (the snow day turned out to be a good call. I would not have fared well out in the elements that day.) It was awesome, and I want to make it again. Our neighbor across the vacant lot, Rob, came over and cleaned out our driveway on Saturday with his mower/plow dealie, so we sent the half of the soup that I'd put aside home with him in thanks for his work. Poor Bob has been like whatshisface pushing that boulder up the hill. Sisyphus? Is that the dude? The snow has not given him a break and I'm really not up to shoveling. I went outside to take some pictures while it was coming down on Friday, and ended up falling. I was ok (still sore) but it was pretty scary to realize I was down in the snow and unsure about getting up again. Needless to say it all worked out and I am not much worse for wear. Nor is my camera, which landed in a snowbank.

Until next time.

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