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Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't belong here, I don't belong there

Title courtesy of the amazing Nina Simone and her song Missisippi Goddamn.

I really don't have much to say. Like many people here in Pittsburgh and around the world, I'm waiting for news on the BRESMA orphans and my heart is breaking for Haiti and the Haitian people. This is a tragedy of the highest order. People are dying who should be okay, now. Dying from disease and infection and grief. All I know how to do is to donate money and make baby hats. And I can't donate any more money right now. But i don't have pictures of the hats yet. Maybe later in the week.

Donate here, please. If you can.
All the money will go to the orphans' needs when they arrive here. And they'll have a lot of needs.

One of the things that did surprise me though it probably should not have is that Mary Beth Buchanan, a crony of GWBush, talked out of her ass about getting the kids back here, like she could just take it upon herself to swoop into Haiti and remove all the kids. She got a lot of people's hopes up and then they were dashed when we learned she was really not as far into the process as she thought.

At this point, there's a plane on the ground in Haiti from Pittsburgh with medical goods, food, water, doctors, etc. The intention is to bring 61 kids and the McMutrie sisters back to Pittsburgh. I hope that is the case but I'll believe it when I see them here.

But I'm hopeful enough that I'm still knitting hats, at any rate.

I did have some cooking adventures this week, including a foray into beef in pastry which went pretty well considering it was the wrong type of meat, whole wheat instead of white flour, and I did the mushroom pate wrong. It would not win any prizes on Food Network, but it was a worthy step on my way up the culinary ladder.
The rolled out pastry with the mushroom pate on it.

Sizzling away.

Today, I made my first Hollandaise sauce and served it with poached mahi mahi, risotto, and veggies.
It made a nice plate. I'll tell you what, I am doing hollandaise in the food processor from now on, that whipping the egg yolks by hand and trying to pour butter in at the same time is overrated.

Here's this week's 365 photos.

"Shine", taken at my daughter's house when she made us dinner on Tuesday.

am I blue?
"Am I Blue?" before cutting my nails down a little later in the week. Cell phone picture.

landing strip
"Landing Strip". Another cell phone picture, before the snow melted.

flick er
"Flick Er", a last minute snap when I realized I'd almost forgotten to take a photo that day.

Ginger the Manatee

"Ginger the Manatee" was a twofer with "Ginger the Dinosaur" on Saturday.

Ginger the Dinosaur

"Privilege", Sunday's dinner, the aforementioned beef in pastry. Reminding myself how very fortunate we are.

Mondays off
"Monday Off". Loving the light in our house, as usual.

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