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Monday, January 04, 2010

In with the new

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted here. My apologies-it's been a bit of a hectic month what with the holidays and so on.

Today is a dual birthday-Bob and my mother both. So this will not be a long entry, as I am busy cooking a lovely dinner and trying to get the house organized enough to have my mom over for dinner. I also made a cake, and can prove it.


I put some sprinkles on top, too.

All the crazy holiday crafting got done in plenty of time, and was all well-received. I put puffy paint on the bottoms of the slippers to make them non-skid, and that was fun as well. I did different patterns and even some words, but did not take photos. The hats all fit, at least as far as I can tell, and overall it seemed folks were pleased with their gifts.

Bob loved his present.

That's the Beatles boxed set, all digitally remastered. It sounds wonderful. His reaction was priceless-he just kept saying "holy crap!" My mom was laughing. It was fun. She liked her GPS unit, and the kids got money and stuffed animals and books and were happy with them too.


Anna was only in for the weekend. Hated to see her go so soon but she'll be back.

The weather has been crap around here.
Pretty, but crap. I hate snow more than ever and I am terrified of falling. But this too shall pass.

I got some awesome gifts. My mom got me a sewing machine and carrying case for it. My daughter got me a stick blender and a cookbook (Julia Child!) along with some original art that she made for me and a CD and knitting book I wanted. And Bob got me two cookbooks, one of which was the same one Lena got me so we returned it and got a food processor instead, which arrived today.

I'm excited about all the cooking related gifts because I have felt for a while now that although I'm a good cook with good fundamentals, I am ready to bring it up a level and the gifts I got will help me do that. The techniques I've read in the Julia Child book have started making a difference already! I feel like I can become the cook I always wanted to be now. It's kind of exciting.

In knitting, I've been knitting. I've also spun some yarn-I got fiber at Handmade Arcade when I went there shopping and one bit of it was calling out to me. Just some handdyed farm wool.


And as soon as I finished spinning it, it demanded to be knit, so I'm making myself Stephanie Pearl McPhee's One Row Scarf. So far, so good.

I wish I could write more but there are a million things to do before my mom gets here and if I get started, I won't be able to stop. I do need to blog more often-perhaps I can accomplish that in the new year.

One thing I will be doing is a Photo 365 project with a group from Ravelry-the idea is to take one photo (at least) a day for 365 days, so here are mine, so far. I have a set on flickr with them as well. I started on the first of the year.

Project 365 Photos this week-

self portrait with bird and bad judgment
"Self-Portrait with Bird and Bad Judgment"

assorted craft
"Assorted Craft"

still life with ginger and brioschi
"Still Life with Ginger and Brioschi"

late morning light
"Late Morning Light"

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