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Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh yeah, the fiber content

Lest I forget that this is supposed to be "paradise for the fiber-obsessed"... (why did I pick that name?) I did do some knitting this weekend, and some spinning today.

I'm doing a scarf using the yarn harlot's one-row scarf pattern. You're going to have to take my word for it because it refuses to be photographed. I also finished two ballband washcloths that are going to be part of a birthday bundle thingy in fall colors. I didn't photograph them. I did photograph this one

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that I did during the football game.

Today, I scrubbed cabinets and spun. The cabinets in my kitchen are actually a completely different color than I thought they were. I'm a bit alarmed by this. Mainly because I got one of those "ut oh, done bit off more than I can chew" things going. But I accept that it is not going to get done in a day, since it took what looks like 40 years to get the grime on them, it's gonna take a couple weeks to get it off of there. The wood is blonde and pretty. Amazing.

I spun the remaining blue superwash merino. It came out just like the other one, slightly smaller than the other skein but very close.

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And this blend of blue/black/green/multi that I've had in the cedar chest for a while. It's from Annie May on ebay, originally.
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That's about 210 yards. Nice stuff, two-plied.

So that's about it for today. More later in the week.

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