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Monday, December 03, 2007

And now, our lightning round!

I only have time for a half-fast update. (say that fast and you'll understand.)

My younger daughter had her graduation ceremony on Saturday, even though she doesn't officially graduate for another two weeks. Graduating from college, and she's not yet 22 years old. Amazing.

I have a whole set up on Flickr, but there are some extra photos I took that were not included in that bunch.

First, this bank of computers in the lounge.


Who ever said christian college students don't have senses of humor?

and finally...

There was a lovely sign next to the gifts they were giving the graduates.

Of course, being the smartass that I am, I had to comment on it. "Only had one to spare, eh?"

Nice fix.


I'm insanely proud of both my kids, of course. But that made me laugh. I needed a laugh after the speeches, believe me.

Anyway, I also took some photos from the back porch of the lounge where the reception was. There's a cute little riverfront town across the way.

(That one is best viewed large, so click on it if you like.)

This is the big G (for Geneva) on the mountain across the river. I guess they light it on fire during homecoming or something.

And here's a train that looks like a toy train.

In fiber things, I continue to knit socks like a madwoman. The rainbow Jaywalkers are done, as is my mother's christmas stocking.


This project started with the yarn, or even before that. I spun a "mystery batt" from Mountain Shadow Ranch and to get the most mileage possible from it, plied it with lengths of red and royal blue roving. Not enough to do anything substantial, and the sparkle in the mystery batt proved to be prone to breakage, so not particularly durable either.

It was a stash puppy for a year or so. My mother's had a rather small christmas stocking for some time and when I started thinking about making her a new one, this yarn came to mind. Several fits and starts later, I settled on a seed stitch/stockinette checkerboard and a white cabled cuff.

Anyway. The liner is a commercial satin xmas stocking from Joanne fabrics.

There are actually three cables, the other two are around the back.

I made an i-cord to hang it.

After I got it all knitted and blocked, it was still looking a little plain, so I embroidered some snowflakes on it.

There's a fine line between rustic and sloppy, and my embroidery skills are a bit ... dated. I like the overall effect, though.

I'm happy to say that every pair of socks that needs to be finished before the 25th is at least cast on.

My mom's Kaibashira socks are past the first heel.

And I only have about 2/3 of one brown slipper sock to go.

I was encouraged enough to cast on and knit about a foot of a giant needle (size 11) mohair scarf just for fun today. No photos though. Yet. You know me, give it time.

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