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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Adventures in Driving, Quizzing, and Frogging

Today, I took my daughter Anna out for her first driving lesson. She is 20 years old and about to be a junior in college. She got her permit on Tuesday.
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Anna's the one with the glasses. I still tend to see her as a little kid, even though she's not. It's tough being old and delusional.

Anyway, she did just fine. Only jerked me to hell and back a little, didn't burn up the clutch, didn't crash into anything, and thanked me profusely.

Bob, my adorable husband...
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...has an ambition to be on a quiz show someday. He's a trivia master. Seriously. The stuff he knows perplexes me. I have never met anyone with a stickier brain. Anyway, he tried out for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" today. He made the first cut. I keep telling him they only want stupid people for that show. Maybe we'll get lucky, who knows.

I'm making a sleeveless top for Lena, the "other" daughter in the above picture. I started it off on 9s just like the pattern said, but since I was using handspun instead of the called-for yarn, the gauge was horribly off, like by 25%. So I had to take it out and start over on smaller needles. The way it was looking, it was going to fit both girls at once. And while they're close, they're not that close.
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Boring content tonight. I am grateful for that, sometimes.

I have a very bad joke to share.

A couple went to see a touring company of japanese theatre. As they were leaving, the man shook his head and complained "I just don't GET it."
The woman looked at him and said "Just what part of Noh don't you understand?"

On that rather sour note, I am to bed. Here's a dog picture to make up for the joke.
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