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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Recent Spinning AKA The All-Pink Post

I've been doing quite a bit of spinning lately. In addition to the previously posted experiment, i've finished the big ball of "leftovers" roving that I spun one skein from back for Mothers' Day. It yielded two more skeins, both in excess of 150 yards. Probably a bit more than fingering weight in two ply. I kool-aid dyed them with purples and reds because 1)that is what was left and 2) I wanted to see how the different types of fibers absorbed the color. I'm pretty happy with the results.
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My spinning is getting a lot more even, a lot thinner, and a lot more consistent. And faster. I'm actually considering a pair of socks out of this.

This is from fiber I got from Dawn at Flynx Fiber. It's got everything in it from bamboo to alpaca to merino to mohair to silk to cotton. It's a joy to spin. I already spun almost a pound of her fiber in a more straightforward pink/lilac and got about 1400 yards of a worsted. This is a heavy worsted with more variation in color. I think I'll get another skein or maybe even two out of the roving that's left. Should net a total of about 1200 yards, because I'm spinning this thicker to stay consistent with my earlier efforts. I love Flynx Fiber ( and hope she posts more fiber for sale soon.

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here's the yarn so far-you can kinda tell which were the earlier skeins but not too much.

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Here's the roving-gorgeous stuff.

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yarn close-up. you can see all the diff. colors.

Here's the original Flynx fiber I worked with.
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This yarn is already promised to make a shell for my older daughter. She's approved the pattern and I think it's within my limited knitting abilities.

You know what's really funny? I don't even like pink. My favorite colors are greens and blues. And sometimes, purple.


angie cox said...

That is lovely yarn.I don't spin so am very impressed.My favourites are teal greens and plums but a change is a good thing sometimes.

Jamie Fritz said...

thanks angie-i was just kinda amused that everything i've been spinning lately is pink.