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Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year

And by that, I mean back to school time. We got Anna (my younger daughter) back to school yesterday without incident. She's a junior at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, a source of neverending amusement to me since my kids were mostly raised in a pagan household. She's a good kid, though, and it's nice to have someone on the "inside" who will tell people that pagans don't actually eat babies.

I did manage to work on the clapotis today for a while, in the period of time when I was waiting for the meclazine to kick in. I feel very good about the fact that I actually fended off an attack of vertigo. It was coming, I felt it coming, but I got it fast enough that the pill kept me from spinning. Also plied the singles I had done this week. It was a bleargh craft week because of the back-to-school madness, though.
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"Black Cherry", a merino/silk top from Copper Moose became singles...
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then a nice worsted weight yarn.
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This terrific green/multi 100% wool copper moose top
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became a nice sportweight.
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I think I've got the thin, I'm working on the consistent now. It's frustrating, but what I need most is to SLOW DOWN. There are those who seem to think spinning on a wheel equals automatic control, but it doesn't. Not at all. Not for me, anyway.

And about that... the roving I started off with months ago when I was spindling
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well, I think I know just what I want to make of it. The problem is, am I going to be able to spin it thick and uneven enough to match what I made of it early on? It's lovely yarn, really it is, almost iridescent and I think very good for a beginner's effort, but I'm not so much a beginner any more, and I need to match this.
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And I think I need to do it soon, before I am completely unable to spin that thick any more. Sigh.

RIP Mousie.
Last Saturday, we found Figment, Tuxedo Cat Extraordinaire, playing with a teeny mouse in the house. We saved the mouse from further torture, but unfortunately, it died on Monday night. At least the poor little thing didn't die in terror at the hands of a predator, he died in peace in a box of soft fiber and good food and good energy. He was adorable.
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The picture was taken while he was still alive. That'd be morbid if he was dead!

Figment is a very strange cat. He loves Bob's horse picture....
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and will watch it for a half hour at a time, sometimes.
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Sometimes I'd like to know what he's thinking.
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But usually not.

In other news
Lily is still cute.
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A picture-heavy and content-light post. So it is, at times.
Please visit this page and read this blog entry.
from one of my new favorite blogs.

don't read it if you're a mysoginistic apologist or a neo-pseudo feminist or someone who thinks we don't really need feminism any more.

do read it if you like good writing, damn good insight, and unabashed anger.

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