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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hooray for three day work weeks.

This week will be nice-a three day work week of shorter than usual days, followed by a five day weekend. Of course, just as all this wonderful relaxation is about to go down, I'm fighting off a cold. Started last night with scratchy throat things and I was up and down all night until I gave up and took some theraflu, then got five solid hours. I can always tell when I'm really getting sick because I can't stand the thought of drinking coffee. So I got up, made a pot of tea, and felt sorry for myself for most of the morning.

We're going to my older daughter's place to have dinner. She is a recently lapsed vegetarian so it should be interesting to see what she makes. She's a very good cook-takes after me in that regard. I'm bringing a container of my butternut squash soup (which is actually butternut-acorn-golden hubbard squash soup) to share.

I've been trying to post something substantive most days, but some days are just personal blathering, of which you've been promised a modicum. Please enjoy these pretty pictures in lieu of actual thought-provoking content.









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