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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Learning to weave

One of the things I got myself at Rhinebeck this year was an Ashford Knitter's Loom. Looms come in a mind-boggling variety of types, sizes, shapes, and costs, anywhere from a $5 potholder loom to a $10K floor loom and up. The number and variety of associated products is similarly mind boggling, as this video can attest.

It cracks me up how the warping boards get bigger and bigger.

Anyway, the Knitters Loom is small and folds up. It makes a reasonable width of fabric (24 inches) without taking up a lot of space. It's quite reasonably priced as well, and I thought it was a good place to get into more traditional weaving.

Part of my learning process is the scheme of making tea towels as holiday gifts. I have a bag of crochet cotton to use in various combinations and if I mess up, I can keep it for myself and try again.

This was the first and still is the best one.

This was second and is too big, as well as too ambitious. The stripes are not even, either.

The third one was mostly Anna's making, and is narrower. I think this one might be more bathroom towel.

There was no type of pattern in the weave, but it almost looks like one in the finished fabric. A sorta-herringbone thing. We didn't do anything to it but put it through the wash.

The last one (so far) has not been washed yet. It should be a little wider, I think, and a wee bit longer, but I'm still experimenting with finding the right place to put the warping peg and where to have the loom and etc.

They're pretty forgiving though, because hey, it's a tea towel and who cares if it's an odd size or the stripes are a little weird.

I also made a six foot long black and gold scarf that is a garbage disaster. I think I wove it too tight and the warp was uneven so it ended up all puckered on one side.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with my progress so far. I have a few more projects in mind leading up to the holidays and we will just have to see how it goes. I'll say this much, weaving is a great stash buster.

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