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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pittsburgh's eating local!

Pittsburgh has a vibrant and growing food scene. We've always been known for great ethnic foods, interesting sandwiches, french fries on salad, and amazing pizza. But the last few years, the local, organic, foodie scene has been growing by leaps and bounds.

On the front lines of all this is Farm to Table. I love stuff like this so I got tickets to the Farm to Table harvest tasting.

It was a nice event and very well attended. For me (and for my mother who came with) it was actually uncomfortably crowded.

Photo Nov 10, 3 31 05 PM

I did enjoy it for the most part but I don't do well in crowds any more. And there was way too much standing around.

But we tasted a lot of really amazing delicious food, wine, beer, and beverages. Some favorites were Turners Dairy (a life-long favorite of mine), Vecinie Beverage (who had a great selection of locally brewed beer and cider) Wild Purveyors, and Robert Mazza Winery. Sonoma Grille had an amazing wee turkey dinner on the cutest little square plate. Old Linn Run Coffee had yummy samples. And Wigle Whiskey had the most incredible gin I've ever tasted. I will most definitely be visiting them in the not too distant future.

I think it was a good event and a great opportunity to see more of what Pittsburgh has to offer food lovers. I do think there were way more people there than they anticipated, and I hope they either have a larger venue next time, or maybe have it over two days so the crowds can be thinned out a little.

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