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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

United States of Diversity

Yesterday's election was a turning point for this country. The president was reelected by women, people of color, GLBT people, disabled people, poor people. For the first time, on a national scale, the old white guys were not in power.

This is amazing. The discourse on the right (and even in some of the mainstream, sadly) is that minorities ruled the election. I got news for them. The people who reelected the president are not the minority. They're America.

New Hampshire is sending all women to Washington. The first openly gay woman was elected to senate for Wisconsin. A disabled woman veteran was elected to congress for Illinois. Two women from Hawaii, one the first Hindu congresswoman. Unprecedented gains for women, huge turnout, lines around the block and in the end, the so called minorities were the majority.

It's kind of mind blowing. The reins of power are passing from the old establishment. I'd bet a lot of the old white guys are pretty worried right now. Considering how they've treated us, it must be a scary prospect to think they might get the same treatment. I don't think they will. They'll have a voice. They just won't be in charge. Participate in, not dominate, the national discourse. As it should be.

We are all Americans and this nation belongs to all of us. It's about time we all had a voice in it.

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