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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The answer to WHAT TO BLOG?

I'm too tired and scattered to come up with a reasonable blog entry, so I'm just going to share some body positive/affirming/fun music videos.

Leslie Hall starts us off.

Leslie really can dance, and I love how comfortable she is with her body.

This woman is incredible. I love to belly dance and would give a fat roll to be able to shake it like she does.

Absolutely love that the kick ass drummer is also a woman.

The amazing Beth Ditto smashes every preconceived notion about beauty and what a fat girl can do.

Janelle Monae is pure joy and exuberance. You have to love her, for so many reasons.

Hopefully I'll have something more substantive tomorrow. I knew there'd be days like this, I just hope there aren't many of them, because if there are, it's going to be a long November.


Kitsune said...

I've got to say that I've been following your blog for about a year now, and I've always loved all of your body positive posts. They make me smile.
I'm a very big advocate of people being comfortable in their own skin, but as a thinner woman (I'm just built with a slight frame), I often get told that I don't have any right to tell bigger women that I don't think that they're "fat".
That being said, I don't see the woman in the third video as fat (I only say that video because the other videos wouldn't load for me.) and she is quite beautiful. I love the way she dances.
I guess that it's possible that I don't really have the word fat in my vocabulary? I'd like to know your opinion on my viewpoint.

jamie fritz said...

(Janelle Monae isn't fat either.) The bellydancer would be considered fat by most and I imagine her BMI is in the overweight if not obese range.
Fat advocates and body positive advocates have reclaimed the designation fat as a neutral descriptor. It might be helpful to your question to examine what you think of when you hear the word fat. Do you think of someone who has a body that is larger than the current ideal? or do you think of someone who you find grotesque, wobbly, smelly, stupid, unkempt, unattractive etc? Fat as a negative designator is often used as shorthand for all those things, and more. often when people say "you aren't fat", what they mean is they aren't any of those things.

jamie fritz said...

oh, and, thank you for reading!

jamie fritz said...

Ok, forgive me for the comment frenzy, I just woke up and don't remotely have it together yet.

It's totally possible to be fat and beautiful. You said you don't see the woman in the third video to be fat, she's beautiful. She is beautiful. She's also fat. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Also, I don't agree with everything this young lady says here but this is worth a read.

I promise I'm done replying, hahah!

Kitsune said...

I guess I don't really think of anything when I hear the word fat. When I see people who are maybe 5 feet tall, and weigh 400 pounds or so? I don't think of that as fat, I think of it as unhealthy. The woman in the video most likely isn't unhealthy, because I hear belly dancing is a really tough work out. I tend to think about what's healthy or not. A person can be bigger, and still be healthy. And they can be very thin and still be healthy. It all depends on body types.

jamie fritz said...

But here's the thing-when you tell someone they're not fat, and they are, you are denying their lived experience. Kind of like saying oh, I don't see color. The person who lives in that body does not have the luxury of being blind to what society, their doctor, people on the street etc think.

I highly recommend the Dances with Fat blog for more on fat as a social justice issue.